We provide comprehensive penetration testing services and ensure you
handle vulnerability reports effectively to mitigate potential security threats

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Empowering collective defense with the newest version of our platform


Extensive Vulnerability Identification

Remediate and reduce risks in your digital assets with our efficient and thorough testing. We expose vulnerabilities in your application before any malicious attackers do.

Satisfy Security Compliances

Meet compliance and regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, DPA of 2012, GDPR, CCPA, and other requirements with Secuna Pentest.

Highly Experienced Pentesters

All our pentesters are certified and they go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that you get to work with the best and most trusted in the security field.

Guarantee continuous protection,
security compliance, and risk reduction

Secuna Pentest aims to simulate real-world attacks to manually assess the security of your
organization’s assets, which may be difficult to detect using automated tools.

Team up with our in-house pentesters

Collaborate closely with our certified in-house pentesters and view extensive reports with up-to-date status of the vulnerabilities found by them.

All-In-One Dashboard

Streamline your workflow with Secuna’s program dashboard— all in one place.

Access all the reports in a glimpse

Stay updated and save time tracking the status of vulnerability reports on your target assets.

Receive Penetration Test Report

Once the program has ended, Secuna will provide a comprehensive report with summary of findings, recommendations, and more. This can be used to satisfy security compliance, get approval to proceed engagements with your customer and 3rd party vendors, and M&A cybersecurity due-diligence.

Get a Digital Certificate of
Cybersecurity Assessment

Secuna provides a digital certificate that can be verified online. The certificate does not guarantee that the client's assets are completely secure; it is only evidence that Secuna performed a penetration test.


Secuna Software Technologies Inc. is a duly recognized Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service provider by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in the Philippines.

what we offer

Diversified Penetration Testing Services

Different options to fit your business needs

Web App Pentesting

With our team of highly experienced pentesters, we provide efficient automated and manual exploitation of your custom web application or CMS web application.

Mobile App Pentesting

We exploit vulnerabilities in both iOS and Android mobile application, providing valuable insights into the potential risks that your application may encounter.

Network Pentesting

We conduct thorough security assessments of both external and internal network infrastructures to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities that could put your servers at risk.

Cloud Pentesting

Our Cloud Penetration Testing (AWS) service provides an intensive assessment of your cloud infrastructure's security defense that shows vulnerabilities and risks.

Trusted by a
Diverse Range of Clients

Since Secuna’s inception in 2017, we have committed ourselves in helping different companies,
organizations, and even the government secure their digital assets.

It was great working with the Secuna team. Their humor and candor makes the chats fun to revisit. The way the team communicates is very straightforward, which makes it easier for us to address the vulnerabilities they found sooner and ultimately get things done sooner.

Bryan Giger

CEO & Co-Founder,

We had a superb experience working with Team Secuna. They are very attentive to details and highly collaborative. Apart from delivering the business side of things, we loved how Paulo and AJ were super hands-on all the way through our engagement. Kudos guys!

Charlie Coroza

COO, Twala

Secuna's comprehensive VAPT program gave us peace of mind through visibility on our product's potential security vulnerabilities. We had a great experience working with the team. You guys are awesome!"

Paolo Basa

VP of Engineering, Lista

Secuna rocks! We’ve gotten high quality reports, much better than traditional ‘enterprise’ security companies.

Robert Locke

CTO, QuadX

Highly recommended. Just launched our program a few hours ago and we already got a lot of quality reports from your network. Something that my team won’t be able to detect.

Noel del Castillo

CEO, SeeYouDoc

Secuna helped us at Kalibrr discover multiple severe security issues with our site, even before we had a formal bug bounty program. They’ve been nothing but professional in our exchanges, and has exercised the utmost discretion regarding the issues. We believe that any company will be in great hands with Secuna – we certainly have been.

Tim Dumol

Chief Software Engineer, Kalibrr

The Secuna team is very easy to work with and they are really quick to address issues they found. They also were flexible with the rates they offered and they really understood our requirements.

Juan Franco Espinos

Senior Product Owner, Bux

My standards for VAPT services have been set higher because of Secuna. Other vendors I’ve worked with before just gave out a report of the vulnerabilities they found. Meanwhile Secuna had an interactive ticketing platform. That was really great! All the feedback I gave the Secuna team from v1 were all updated when v2 rolled out.

Ellard Capiral

VP of Engineering, KUMU

I highly recommend the services of Secuna, very professional, didactic, and excellent methodology!

Nicolas Suchaud

Senior Product Manager, Uploan has been providing us valuable findings that are not detected by other tools we’re using. It's a really great platform.

Miguel Fermin

CTO, White Cloak Technologies

Industry-Recognized Offensive Security Certifications

Take cybersecurity to the next level