Vulnerability Disclosure Program

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A cost effective way to keep your websites and apps secure. Receive reports on security vulnerabilities found in your product and collaborate with security researchers to quickly respond with an effective fix.

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Why does your company need a Vulnerability Disclosure Program?

Whether you know it or not, hundreds of Security Researchers are already discovering vulnerabilities in your websites and applications. Unfortunately there is no way for them to properly disclose these problems to you until a cyber-criminal finds and exploits them.

Secuna Response enables you to be ready to receive vulnerability reports from cybersecurity experts from around the world. Moreover, with Secuna’s global community of cybersecurity experts.

How Secuna Response Works

Receive reports from our community of cybersecurity researchers

Secuna Response enables cybersecurity researchers from the Secuna Cybersecurity Community to submit security vulnerabilities they find in your websites or apps.

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Set the Rules

Create a framework for accepting help from Secuna’s community of cybersecurity professionals by detailing assets that you want the researchers to focus on.

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Invite the Community

Upon the launch of your Vulnerability Disclosure Program, Secuna will notify all cybersecurity professionals in the community. Cybersecurity professionals then follow the guidelines to submit vulnerability reports via Secuna's Vulnerability Management Platform.

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Collaborate Effectively

Once our security researchers submit security vulnerability reports to you, the Secuna Platform enables you to effectively collaborate with them through the built-in ticketing and messaging system.

Benefits for Organizations

Affordable Rates

At only $39 / month, get access to a Secuna’s Vulnerability Management Platform and access to the brainpower of hundreds of cybersecurity researchers in the Secuna Community.

Avoid Public Disclosure in Social Media

Get the Vulnerability Reports directly to you rather than being tagged publicly in social media for a vulnerability found in your assets.

Benefits for Security Researchers

Clear Submission Guidelines

Security Researchers are given clear guidelines or direction for submitting potentially unknown and harmful security vulnerabilities to your organization.

More Points, Higher Rank

Gain points for every valid vulnerability reported to an organization. The more points a security researcher has, the higher their rank is in our leaderboard.

Run a Vulnerability Disclosure Program

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