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A continuous and agile cybersecurity program. Designed to discover security vulnerabilities that traditional Pentests can't find.

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Why is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT) not enough?

A Pentest can only surface security vulnerabilities in a specific version of your apps and websites. However, as your organization continuously release new features and improvements, potential security vulnerabilities are introduced without you knowing.

In short, without discovering and patching vulnerabilities after a Pentest cycle, you are just making it easier for cybercriminals to hack into your system.

How Secuna Discover Works

Secuna Global Community of Cybersecurity Professionals

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Set the Rules

Create a framework for accepting help from Secuna’s community of cybersecurity professionals by detailing assets that you want the researchers to focus on.

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Set the Bounties

Set how much you are willing to reward a reporter for each valid Security Vulnerability submission.

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Invite the Community

Upon launching your Bug Bounty Program, Secuna will notify all the cybersecurity professionals in the community.

You can also notify the community every time you have a release or update so they can get into testing your websites and apps.

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Collaborate for a Fix

Expect a huge number of reports to come in, specially everytime you notify the Secuna Community of a new release. Manage all reports via the Secuna Vulnerability Management Platform and directly coordinate with each reporter to find a fix for the reported vulnerability.

Perfect for companies of all sizes

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Benefits for Organizations

Avoid Major Losses

Major losses can be avoided by detecting vulnerabilities and fixing them. Bugs will always be present since there is no such thing as a perfect system.

Uncover All Vulnerabilities

Crucial vulnerabilities are not overlooked since more eyes look after the system of an organization.

More Cost-Effective

Rewarding a few thousand bounties is more cost-effective than losing valuable data. Data breaches can lead to millions worth of damages including the reputation of the company.

Benefits for Security Researchers

Opportunity to Learn

Cybersecurity Professionals can test their skills out in finding vulnerabilities of different systems built by professional engineers.

Gain Recognition

Showcase your skills and gain recognition. Connect with other fellow security researchers and widen your network.

Earn Money

Substantial cash rewards await security researchers for each valid vulnerability report they submit.

Secure your product now

Run a Bug Bounty Program

Set your own bounty rates and incentivize security researchers based on the quality and severity of reported bugs in your product.